It is a project which was started in 2012 (New York City) called 거짓말이야! (English Translation: This is a Prank!). This form of artwork was inspired by Situationist International (SI) a group of avant-garde performance artists in mid 20s. They were focused on how the geographical environment effects and organizes the perception of an individual. In terms of adapting the idea, I created warning notifications in two sentences, ‘Out of Order!’ and ‘거짓말이야!’, and located them in public venues such like library, park, or school. If a person can read Korean, they know that this is just a prank and they can simply go on, but on the other hand, a person who only can read English, would not recognize it as fraud and would change their plan of action. I wanted to denote how the language carries exclusives in its effect on an individual’s behavior.